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Congratulations! You’ve responded to the help wanted ad.  You’ve written your resume, sent it off with a cover letter and now you’ve been called for that all-important interview.  You want to make a great impression.  Every interview situation has its unique aspects, but we’ve provided a checklist of some of the things you can do to make yourself shine above the rest of the job candidates.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview a few minutes early
Know exactly where you are going; consider a trial run
Know where to park if driving to the interview, is there a guard gate or pass required
Read the company’s website (company’s philosophy and culture)
Research the company on other websites and at the library (sales, products, customers)
Ask friends and acquaintances about the company
Search job interview questions on the web and be prepared with POSITIVE answers
Don’t make negative remarks about prior employers or prior jobs
Practice Interviewing with a friend; practice being articulate in your answers
Personal presentation and physical appearance:
Wear proper business attire for the company and position
 Leave fragrances and excessive jewelry at home
 Personal hygiene and grooming checked
Be articulate. 
Smile and look confident
Bring 3 copies of your resume with you
Bring your career portfolio (your work accomplishments, awards, recommendations, etc.)
Tip: Bring your paper-based portfolio with you, but in addition consider publishing your portfolio to a CD or DVD
Leave plenty of time for the interview; do not schedule back-to-back appointments
If given an application, fill it out completely and neatly
Shake hands when introduced (match the strength and style of the interviewer’s handshake)
Smile and keep a positive attitude during the interview
Look the interviewer in the eye when talking and listening
Use the interviewer’s name (last name unless told otherwise) during the interview process
Don’t ask questions about benefits on the first interview unless you are offered the position
Do ask a few job specific questions
Don’t state a specific salary you are looking for.  Ask what the job is paying or give a range 
Shake hands and thank the interviewer at the end of the interview
Let the interviewer know that the position is of interest to you
Send a follow-up typed letter (in proper letter format):
Thank interviewer again for the time spent
Indicate you were pleased to meet the interviewer and excited about the position
Summarize how you would benefit the company
State you are looking forward to hearing from the interviewer
Ask someone you know who works at the company to put a good word in for you
During the second interview, ask questions regarding benefits, dress code, hours of work, etc.
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