Personal Loan Application Checklist

Regardless of why you need a personal loan, you’ll need to apply to obtain one. Gathering the necessary information beforehand can make the process smoother.

  1. Pull your credit report. Your credit scores may indicate to you that you can apply for only certain types of opportunities, such as loans made for people with bad credit.
  2. Gather copies of your recent pay stubs. The application will likely ask you how much money you make, and you don’t want to estimate.
  3. Have your employer contact information nearby. In order to verify your income, the loan application officer will likely need to contact your place of work.
  4. If someone is cosigning with you on the loan, you should ensure that person is involved with the application process.
  5. The application may also ask what the intent of the loan is, so you need to provide a specific, concise answer.
  6. Loan applications will often require your social security number. If you don’t know it, make sure that it is readily available.

Gathering this information does not guarantee that you’ll receive approval for the loan. However, it does help to streamline the application process and get you an answer sooner.

Image: / ungvar